Thursday, 13 March 2008

Just a few more days...

Blogging is fun, I always like to share my creations, whether they are really good or not! I have been unable to spend as much time as I like here, and I am only crafting when I have to because I am in the middle of a College course which means I can change my career. It is 10 3-hour lessons in total, but has involved lots of quite serious assignments, taking up a lot of my time and energy. But the good news is that my last assignment is to be handed in on Monday, then after that I have one more class to attend. Then I will need to go out and find a job! I am training to teach in Further Education, and this course means that I will have the initial qualification to get into the classroom. After I start teaching, I then have to take further courses to achieve full teacher status, but one step at a time. I feel very privileged to get the chance to change my course so thoroughly, even if it is hard work, and the best thing is that I still get time to be with my little boy.
I will show some photos soon, as they are sitting in my camera waiting to be downloaded. I have: an altered tin, three mother's day cards, and the start of an ongoing project which is an altered book. I did a class today with the very talented Isa Norris, and under her instruction I did the first page in my book. I am pretty pleased with what I acheived, and I can't wait for the next class.
All photos will be shown next week, and Isa's blog, if you want to check out her work, is in my blog list on the right. When I have time again I will put all of the links in my posts properly, so you don't have to hunt around to find them. But for now, it's back to the grindstone. How I hate essay writing!