Saturday, 6 October 2007

Perfect Pearls class for 2 peas Stamptoberfest.

I don't know if you remember, but 2Peas' stamping board staged a very successful weekend event called World Stamping Weekend. Well, this time you have a week to get involved and have some fun! There are loads of challenges and classes, and this is one of them.

In this class, I am going to demonstrate my three favourite techniques using Perfect Pearls. The challenge part for you is to use all of those techniques on one piece! The RAK for the best piece is a bag of ribbons and embellishments which I promise to photograph tomorrow! Judging will take place next Saturday, and all entries must be in the 2Peas gallery and have SOF Pearls in the title. Here is the thread to link to. Click on any of the photos for a closer look!

Note: I have used Perfect Pearls here. From what I have read, the difference between PP and other powders is that PP contains a gum that acts as a fixative. So if you are using other brands, just remember to use a spray fixative or varnish.

Stage one- Creating a background.

This is the Craft mat/ Distress Ink technique with a little added Perfect Pearls. You could also use Nick Bantock Dye Ink in the same way. Or feel free to play with whatever you have! Be warned, this technique is messy and you will get inky fingers. It’s all in a days stamping!

You will need:

Distress Ink or other dye ink (not water resistant!)

Perfect Pearls

Craft mat, cutting mat or other plastic surface

Water in a spray mister

Small paintbrush

Smooth watercolour paper or card

  1. On your craft mat (or other plastic surface) dab your ink pad(s) randomly, leaving some gaps. Make sure the area you cover is a little bigger than your chosen paper.
  2. Use a dry paintbrush to get a little powder and flick it over the inked craft mat. I like to have a few little ‘drifts’, to give a more obvious effect.
  3. Spritz your craft mat with water until there are tiny even beads of water/ink visible.
  4. Place your paper on the wet, inky mat, and move it around a little. Lift the edge and check the coverage. If there are any gaps, then put it down again and move it around some more.
  5. Put the paper to one side to dry. You can use a heat gun if you are impatient!

Now for the next part…

Stage two- adding pattern

This is a really simple stage (isn’t it all?!) to add some pattern to your background paper. You will need to make sure your paper is really dry, as the powder will cling to any moisture.

You will need:


Perfect Pearls

A small paintbrush

A soft brush ie. a blusher brush, or a dry tissue/cotton wool.

A stamp with a swirl-type pattern

  1. Ink up your chosen stamp with Versamark
  2. Stamp it onto your background paper to create a pattern.
  3. Using the small paintbrush, generously dust on some Perfect Pearls. You can use more than one colour and blend if you like. If you swirl the brush around as you go, you can move the powder along the design so as not to waste it.
  4. Blow off the excess powder.
  5. Using either the soft brush or a piece of tissue, gently rub all over the design to take off any unwanted powder. This also sets and polishes the powder.

And now for the last part…

Stage three- Adding your design

This last stage utilises something I found out by accident, and creates a two-tone effect.

You will need:

Distress Ink or similar in a darker colour

Perfect Pearls

A small paintbrush

A soft brush or tissue/cotton wool

A stamp!

  1. Stamp your design in Distress Ink or other.
  2. When it is nearly dry, add some powder. Swirl it around with your brush, it doesn’t have to be really even.
  3. Brush off as in stage two.

And this is the finished piece... All stamps by Cherry Pie.


Sandy said...

GREAT tutorial!!!! And I did get my perfect pearls today so I can play along this weekend! WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!

stamp and scrape said...

Thanks for the demo - I would participate, only I haven't gor ant perfect pearls :-(

Penny said...

Hazel, this is a great tutorial! Thanks very much - no distress ink here unfortunately :( but just going to ttt this .

Far North said...

Wow o Wow what a fantastic tutorial! And it looks I may be the first saying that AFTER I tried it!! Great job! ...and most of all the technique are very easy and what shine and glimmer in the results. I used the same color PP on the background and my first one doesn't see them except when truly turned to catch the light in the right angle.
But it is lovely...I am gonna try switch out the colors a tad. I hope to post on 2 peas tomorrow but I know this is one of those beautiful things U gotta see IRL!
Thanks so much for sharing!...Jan

Daria said...

Thank you for the fabulous tutorial. I'm saving this one. I'd love to give it a try. Daria

Nancy Maxwell James said...

awesome tutorial! I have never worked with perfect pearls and now I need to get some! thank you for sharing this!

Michelle said...

have not heard from you in a while, hope every thing is well!
I'm having a demo party on my blog now, hope you can come and play!