Thursday, 4 October 2007

Ta da! The finished collage!

These are the last steps for Mission: Collage.
Here are the final 5 steps:

1. Scratch: Use a sharp instrument to scratch anywhere on the surface of your collage.

2. Text: Sally lists specific examples of what to do with a book page during this step, but I am going to open it up and say that you can place any text (as long as it is not magazine, since we already used that technique) onto your collage.

3. 3-D: Apply something dimensional to your project..any embellishment you like as long as it is not flat.

4. Write: Write any word or phrase, in any medium you would like: pen, pencil, ink.

5. Surprise! One last step that you can use to add your unique spin to your project! Let your imagine run wild with this one!

I finished! I actually finished a week ago, but life with an almost-walking baby can be very hectic! Here's the run-down of what I did:
1. Scratch. I used scissor points to scratch. It worked best on the paper, as it had a white core. The foam board I used for the base was black, not good for scratching.
2. Text. I stamped 'Time Flies' onto the photo.
3. 3d. I added some really old buttons from my button tin. I love all of the circle shapes!
4. Write. I wrote 'butterflies' in black pen (sort of a pun- butterflies, time flies. Not that funny, I'm afraid!)
5. Surprise. After wracking my brains, I added a small butterfly image, stamped in a shimmery ink- now you see it, now you don't!
Now I need to arrange to send it off to my swap partner, Neda. She emailed to say her son was recovering from knee surgery- I hope he is doing well!
Thanks, Julie, for taking the trouble to organise this. It was a really good experience for me, and I have been really touched by all the comments. Even my best friend, who is a brilliant scrapper, said it was good! And I have done some more collage work since, which I will blog about later.
PS My little one (who is currently on my knee, trying to get to the laptop to bang it) said 'Mama' for the first time yesterday. Say 'ah'!


Julie said...

AHH MAMA!! I just got "mommy" too. Except it sounds like "MAW EE". Next, you will get it very early in the morning- so hard to refuse "MAW EE MAW EE!!" lol

Your collage IS fantastic!! It was my pleasure.

Carrie said...

This is beautiful Hazel - worth the wait to finish it.

stamp and scrape said...

Did you go all soft and gooey? The first time little ones say your name make it all worth while!

Your end result is fantastic - it's been great watching it evolve. Well done you!

Magickdiva said...

Its fabulous Hazel - I'm going to copy all the instructions and attempt to do my own. Enjoy your hols!