Monday, 10 December 2007

Charity Auction of gorgeous canvases in aid of Cancer Research.

Jennieoneinamillion at TalkCrafts forum has posted this message, and I really want to spread the news. These canvases are really gorgeous, and the minimum bids are truly low for these one-off items. There are six days left on the auction, so plenty of time to get bidding! We have almost all had our lives touched by cancer, in my own case 3 work colleages have recently suffered with breast cancer, and my Grandmother is coping with inoperable bowel cancer. So please go look, drool over these works of art, and place a bid. Lets raise some cash!

I have a charity Auction for Cancer Research on ebay for the next 10 days.
We commissioned Daphne Roberts ( the boss!), to make some multi media canvases for us for our trade show in Feb 2007.

As they would be gathering dust after the end of this year, we decided to auction them off on Ebay for Cancer Research. Both Mal and I have family and friends who have suffered from Cancer, and thought this an appropriate way to raise money for a cause close to our hearts.

I have set the minimum bids low, and hope that some of you will bid to raise money, and have a great piece of artwork too! They will make a fab Christmas present if you could bear to give them away!

This is the link to my shop on ebay where they are being auctioned.

happy Bidding and any questions please ask
Jennie x

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