Friday, 7 December 2007


This is my 100th post, and all I'm using it for is to mention that I got my hair cut! This is not a big deal in many ways, as I am a re-style junkie under normal circumstances, but this year has been special as I have spent it looking after my baby son. He had his first birthday a couple of weeks ago, and I felt that it was time to have a change. After all, he knows me well enough now to recognise me with shorter hair! He also had his hair cut today, but at a special baby salon, where the children sit in a little car and watch cartoons.
I have made a couple more cards with my Magnolia stamps, and have another CJ entry to show, but right now I'm going to enjoy my Friday evening Indian meal. Yummy!


Julie said...

I Like your sassy new haircut!!!

Petra said...

Definitely suits you, Hazel.

Pat said...

ooh.....looks lovely Hazel!!