Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Two Months' Worth of CJs in One Post!

As usual, I have been doing and photographing, but not blogging. Life is busy, blah, blah, blah, I'm sure you've heard it all before. So I thought I would show two months' worth of CJs together, as a sort of catch-up.
The stamp for the first journal was the clock stamp. Now, the clock paper I have used for the background is one of the first scrapbooking papers I ever bought. It's K and Co, from one of their 6" x 6" books. I have stopped buying paper's en masses, as I have loads left, but for once I knew this one was the one to go with the stamp. The quote is by Virgil, and means "but it flees, irreplaceable time flees", otherwise known as "Tempus fugit". Very appropriate for many of us! The dragonfly is Non Sequitur, painted with H20s and with glossy accents over the body, and the wings are Fantasy film. The clock face is covered in crackle accents, but it doesn't show up in the photo. I had the idea that the dragonfly was flying off, holding the clock.
The second journal came with the legs. Everyone before me was inspired in a humourous way, so I had to do my bit. Anyone that doesn't get it, look at 'bingo' on Wikipedia, particularly English bingo calling. Well, I thought it was funny!
I have a couple of cards which I will try to blog later, both Magnolia, and one made in a class which I took on Friday with Isabelle Norris. I have to go and do the housework now, real life isn't always fun... ;-)


Anonymous said...

Hazel! Nice to see you back again...that dragonfly is beautiful!

Flo said...

love the legs 11 :)

both entries are fab