Tuesday, 2 December 2008

This is why I have been too busy to blog

He was two last Monday, and we have spent a week celebrating! Paul had a couple of days off so that we could have a family day, and we went to the park in the freezing cold (wrapped up so much that we could barely move!) and then went shopping. He got to go up and down the escalator, then go around Sainsbury's- both his favourite things! Then on Sunday we had a party for him, which involved dressing like cowboys, and playing in a teepee (which was in the dining room). I am just getting back to normal now, and have got some photos to show, but I wanted to share this photo first. Happy birthday, my lovely Dan!


Helbel said...

Happy Birthday Dan! x hel x

Lorraine said...

they grow up so quick so I am glad you made a big fuss of him..my little Jack is coming up to 4yrs soon..where do the years go??