Monday, 20 August 2007

Absent for a while- back now!

I don't know what happened to last week! It was a bit manic, starting with the idea of re-arranging our living room space, and ending up with a *lot* of DIY. Unfortunately, my craft space was the casualty in this instance, as firstly everything got piled on the table, then our old TV got stored in the room for a few days. For those with flatscreens, just remind yourself how *huge* an old CRT 32" TV really is! But it's all under control now, and tonight I should be able to craft, which is good as I have some ATCs due for a swap, not to mention half-finished dominoes and backgrounds lurking around.
The best thing is that the baby now has more space, we have a fab new TV, and I am all fired up and ready to stamp!

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Julie said...

Welcome back, Hazel!