Saturday, 11 August 2007

West Dean Chilli Fiesta.

As the weather is still amazing here in the South of England, I am making the most of it by going to as many weekend events as I can! In the past, when we were both working, I worked on Saturdays, and was tired on a Sunday. We have many years of weekend fun to catch up on! Dan loves the fresh air too, and we have just bought a framed baby carrier so we can do some more adventurous walking without the buggy.
Today's event was the annual Chili Fiesta at West Dean Gardens in Sussex. There were 80 chili-related stalls plus glasshouses containing 280 varieties of chili! This was set in a very English garden and parkland, so made for an interesting contrast.
I am trying really hard to improve my composition when I take photos. I have a good suite of editing software, and so I am usually a lazy photographer who takes a lot of shots. This time I limited myself, and thought more about the various rules of a good picture. The main thing I notice about my photos is that I need to get in a little bit closer, so the photos you see here were cropped just a bit. I will keep practicing!
Tomorrow is a free open-air concert in another English garden, I will take the camera and see what I can come up with!


Nancy Maxwell James said...

looks like great fun! beautiful photos also! :)

Nina said...

Wow it sound fabby! Is it on every year?

Hazel said...

It is on every year. The link to the website is here