Friday, 3 August 2007

Sunset in Hampshire.

This evening I noticed how yellow the light was, and went to look outside my front door. Look what I saw! It was an amazingly beautiful yellow sunset. I don't know what that means in terms of weather, but I know that it would have been very bad to pass up the opportunity to get the camera out. I used the evening setting, and it has truly caught the luminous quality of the light.
I have just finished a small canvas, but I can't show it yet as it is a gift. I have a card to make, which is planned in my head, but tonight I am just luxuriating in the fact that Dan went to sleep at 8pm, so I have some time free to spend with my husband. But tomorrow is Saturday, so I may get some daytime stamping done!


Sandy said...

Wow that is a STUNNING sunset, Hazel! Glad you captured it!

Godelieve said...

Spectacular view! Thanks for sharing!

Wife2TJ said...

Wow! Beautiful pictures!