Friday, 15 August 2008

My Lovely New Label Cloud

I have seen these on a few people's blogs recently, and I had to have one! I always use labels, mostly because I get a ridiculous amount of personal satisfaction from categorizing things, and also so anyone can just look at one topic, rather than hunting through the whole blog. Well, phydeaux3 wrote this fab code, and here are the full instructions for installing it in your Blogger template (sorry to all those who use other templates, but I don't know whether this will work for you!) It took me a little while to do, but the instructions are excellent. I love it!


Sarah aka Flo said...

oooh that's cool - I have a static one that picks up on all my words, but one for just labels (that you can actually click on) is a really good idea.

I might have to have a play with this ....

Sarah said...

all done - that was easier than I thought it would be :)

and the default colours match my blog anyway so I didn't have to agonise over colour choices :)

cheers for the link