Wednesday, 27 August 2008

UK Art Raffle August entry- Summer Sun

I seem to be blogging an awful lot at the moment, but I think that's because I am doing a lot! I haven't even blogged the cards, mostly because they are only really interesting to the recipients; I am not a natural card maker. I have nothing for tomorrow, though, as I have reached the point with the piece I am working on where I have to leave it alone for a while, so that I know where I am going with it. But I thought I would share this tonight, as I really want to wash my hair and do some housework before going out tomorrow morning, and spending time on the internet is not conducive to either!
Anyway, this piece is for Sarah's UK Art Raffle, a fabulous sort-of swap she is running where everybody sends in something, but only one person gets all of the art each month! It's such a great idea, and I can imagine how I would feel if a surprise box arrived, full of inspiring things. This is the first month, but even now a lot of people have put their name down. It's UK only, sadly, because of the expense of posting, but there will be a gallery each month after the parcel has been received.

Colour: Alcohol Inks, Gold embossing powder, Dee Greunig Blending Blox, Distress Inks
Stamps: Paperartsy, Studio g
Other: Gold card, Cuttlebug embossing folder, fusible film, photo of baby laughing (Dan at 4 months!)

This piece owes a lot to Linda B, who has started to do Youtube tutorials. I had never considered using the fusible film and just melting it onto a project, and it was great fun, if a little unpredictable. And it was also heavily inspired by a certain children's show- the one everyone loves to hate, but I just love!


Anonymous said...

What amazing results!! The play of color on the rays is amazing...Hazel..this is a really fantastic piece!

isa norris said...

this is fantastic Hazel!! Love it!
reminds me the baby in the Teletubbies (yes, I know, I need to get out more !! LOLOL)
isa xxx

Petra said...

It's lovely, Hazel.

Lorraine said...

thanks for putting up instructions on how you did this..I think it is ace and yet another project to add to my list of things to do!!

AnnM said...

That's lovely Hazel. Thanks for the link to Linda B's tutorials - I have been looking for ideas of how to use fantasy film and angelina for a while.

Pinky said...

Eh o.....Hazel!! LOL

Just loved your cheery and happy!! its fab Thanks
Pat xxx

Sid said...

What a fantastic effect Hazel.....just love it !