Sunday, 10 August 2008


I wasn't planning to blog again today, particularly without a photograph of some creation of mine, but I was skimming the BBC's news website and came across this article. It rambles a bit towards the end, I'm afraid, but I love the point it makes at the beginning, about the meaning of art. Please enjoy.

PS In the case of Tracy Emin, I saw a roomfull of her art at the Tate Modern a while ago. In my opinion, that is art, not pretty but full of emotion and meaning. I hope others get that, too!


Jo said...

Mmm, food for thought. Is that what we do? Are the things we make 'small ordinary ways of expressing our lives'? Sometimes we just like to make something pretty but quite often it's much more than that. You make something (or even just see something made by someone else) that connects to something that is really meaningful to you and sometimes that is something buried very deep inside. I'd readily label some creations as art but I don't think it's possible to say that something isn't art (even if you might have wished someone hadn't chosen to share it with you!)
It was interesting that the last page I looked at before checking your blog was the Tate website. I'm planning to take my teenage son there later this week. Maybe I'll feel differently after that.

Milford Crabtree said...

Serendipity indeed!