Monday, 4 June 2007

Caught in Crystal background.

This is what I was waiting for last night. I did do two pages in my mini-book (the name badge album) to fill in the time, but now I can get on with this.
I love the effects you can acheive with this technique. For those who have never heard of this, it involves acetate, 'Klear' floor wax (called 'Future' in the USA), alcohol inks, glitter or other sparkly things to sprinkle on (I love Ranger's Perfect Pearls), and crumpled tissue paper. I followed an excellent tutorial on Sid's blog , it is so well written, it's hard to go wrong. The most difficult part of this is being patient and waiting until it is properly dry before trying to look at the finished piece: alcohol ink stains are hard to get clean!
The two photos are of the same piece, as it is transparent, the backing paper affects the colour. The first photo uses a gold background, and the second a white background. I think I will use the gold in my finished work, as I like the rich effect. I used Airondack inks in Red Chilli, eggplant, and Terracotta, and Perfect pearls in Metallics.
Try this- it's great!


Godelieve said...

Amazing result! Thanks for the ling to the tutorial!

Rein said...

What a great background!

Julie said...

This is AMAZING!!!! I am going to try it this week!! Thansk for the super photos and link!!

Cora said...

It is beautiful.