Sunday, 15 July 2007

A little taster...

...of my card for Isa's weekly challenge. I got a little stamping done last night, but more importantly, whilst I was getting the baby to sleep, I figured out what I wanted to do for Isa's 'I' challenge this week, and for the 'Artistic license' ATCs. Both ideas involve acetate, which I love working with, and this photo shows the start of the 'I' card, looking through the acetate at the background. But that's all I'm going to say for now about the stamping, as I will post all of the details when I finish the card!
What I will say is that I actually bothered to make use of the super-macro setting on my camera, and I am really pleased with the resulting photo. For once, the shimmer and shine show as well as they do in real life. Julie recently showed some photos of fireworks on her blog, and used the manual settings on her camera. The photos were amazing, and inspired me to get out the handbook for my camera. It's 144 pages long, all in English! I will start to wade through it, as the photos I take don't always do justice to the subjects, and I can already see the difference in this morning's photos. (I didn't want to bore by putting on the one I took on auto, trust me, this one is tons better!) So hopefully there will be some photos to look at in the coming weeks!
PS I needed a dragonfly for this card, and this is the stamp I have, but in my mind, I did it with the gorgeous Technique Tuesday stamp I didn't buy at Newbury, mmm, lovely!

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Julie said...

This IS a great picture! I can see the shimmer!!